WELCOME TO Simba Fresh Produce

Simba Fresh Produce is family-owned premium grower of herbs,  vegetables and fruits. We are based in the expansive plains between Mt. Kenya and the Aberdare ranges rising over 1,982m. The unique tropical climate and weather conditions in this region enables us to produce the perfect aroma and taste of all our herbs, vegetables and fruit all year round. Read More

Our Vision
To be the most most sustainable,trusted and innovative growing partner
in Kenya.
Our Mission
We are committed to producing the highest quality products in the most sustainable way from our farms. Read More...
Our Products

Basil, Thyme, Sage, Coriander, Parsley, Rosemary, Mint, Lemon grass, Marjoram, Oregano and Chives

Our Products

Sugar Snaps, Sno peas, French peas, Baby Courgettes, Tender stem broccoli, Sweetcorn, Babycorn